[FaceBook] Tut Chống Rip

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Dòng 1
Họ tên : Full name facebook
Dòng 2 Chọn file ( up cmnd thật hoặc fake cmnd chuẩn )
Dòng 3 Country your ID was issued in : Việt Nam
làm theo yêu cầu và chờ mail rep 2 lầnAE share cho ai chưa biết nhé
I think there is one mistake in the lock my account! Thanks for readI think that facebook disabled my account is confusion here I must abide by the rules
• use their real identities on Facebook Do not post pornographic or contains nudity not use your account to attract others, I asked Facebook to reactivate my account This is my legal papers. please be considered. Thanks to the facebook team.

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vẫn bị RIP như bt @@