Hướng Dẫn Get Confirmation ID Step 3 Để Active All Windows & Office, KHÔNG Cần Call Active By Phone

Hướng Dẫn Get Confirmation ID Step 3 Để Active All Windows & Office,

Không Cần Call Active By Phone

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1. Fake IP Việt Nam thành IP quốc gia khác, bất kỳ miễn là phải khác Việt Nam country:

1.1. Option 1: Use Hotspot Shield: l or UltraSurf

1.2 Option 2: Use Proxy
Daily Updated Free Proxy Sides:


How to Change Browser Proxy Settings:


2. Truy cập Online Link bên dưới:

3. Enter the Installation IDs: Copy lần lượt 9 Group ID vào 9 ô như hình dưới, Press “Submit” để get Confirmation ID step3

4. Nếu trang web hỏi bạn “How many computer have you installed, with this copy of software?” : Press “1” and press “Submit”

5. Click Submit to order to get the Confirmation IDs active Windows or Office and enjoy :

5.2 Nếu Key blocked hoặc key is not valid sẽ hiện thông báo

Unfortunately, we cannot complete this transaction as our records do not recognize this as a valid product. You may be able to return the software to your reseller for a new product.
Thank you for contacting Microsoft, goodbye.

5.3 Nếu bị lỗi Bad Installation ID has created with the system sẽ hiện thông báo

Your Microsoft Product has exceeded the set number of activations. No additional activations can be provided on this product key. Customers with volume license agreements should notify their IT Administrator or IT Professional about this error message.
Thank you for contacting Microsoft, goodbye.

5.4 Nếu gặp thông báo lỗi Something wrong with Validation System remember Online Validation is not accrued như thế này ->> nên chuyển qua call active by phone

Let’s get you to one of our Answer Desk agents for help.
I was not able to validate your installation ID. Please have the Activation window up on your computer screen, so you can have this number handy. The representative will need this number to help with activating your product.